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May 13-August 26, 2020


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After an amazing trip last year we’ve decided this is the trip we need to make accessible to everyone. So we’ve booked this amazing boat for the entire summer of 2020 – early May through August. Ask anyone who has been on this trip and it is a trip of a lifetime. Each week, you and 7 other adventurers will sail among the Greek islands, exploring coves and hilltop ruins by day, and the island’s harbor and village that evening. If you have a group of friends looking to go somewhere special, or if you’re traveling solo looking for a roommate, we can accommodate you.

You and your group will be escorted by our Greek-registered boat captain with whom you’ll plan your itinerary. He’s been sailing these waters for 30 years and knows every little cove, ancient ruin, hiking trail, and harbor. You’ll also have your own private chef who will sail with you and will go out of her way to please your palate. Breakfast is usually eggs to order as well as a spread of cheeses, breads, pastries, and meats, all bought fresh daily. Lunch could be a huge Greek salad and bread, mousakka (to die for), or something else she’ll come up with. Usually, the evening meal is taken in the local cafe restaurant, but that’s up to you and your cook. She’ll also make your drinks and generally keep you entertained. You’ll be with her throughout the trip, so let her know what you want to try. Note: you’ll pay your cook every day or so for her to source meal ingredients on each island. Typically this totals less than $100 for the week. Weather is usually nice with calm, glassy seas, so seasickness is not an issue.

The total cost of this amazing trip is only $2,975, per person, double occupancy and includes round-trip air from Nashville to Athens.

Current dates, including 7 days on the Catamaran, are:
May 13-21 2 spots remain
May 23-31 SOLD OUT
June 1-9 SOLD OUT
June 10-18 Limited Space Available
June 21-29 Limited Space Available
July 1-9 Space Available
July 12-20 Space Available
July 21-29 Space Available
July 30-Aug 7 Space Available
Aug 10-17 Space Available
Aug 18-26 Space Available

We’re offering 2 nights at a 5-star hotel at the foot of the Acropolis (Davini Palace or similar) with grand vistas of the Parthenon. We almost wanted to make this mandatory, but understand that some have budgetary or time issues. Single upgrade is $180. Here’s what you get:
*2 nights luxury accommodations
*Group tour of the Acropolis
*Guided tour of ancient Athens
*Dinner in the home of a local resident
* High-speed ferry to the island of Paros

After each cruise, some of us will opt for an extra 3 days in Santorini. We’ll have plenty of time to hike, soak in the magnificent blue-domed vistas, and eat at some of my favorite restaurants on earth. This extension includes:
*Ferry to Santorini
*3 nights luxury accommodations overlooking the bay
*Tons of activities to enjoy including black sand beaches, wineries, shopping and so much more
*Direct flight back to Nashville from Santorini

To secure your reservation send an email to [email protected], or call 615-398-9527.