Why I love Cruising the Greek Isles

How do I try to explain the fascinating adventures each day brings when cruising the Greek Islands on your own boat. I’ve done this trip twice now, each time with 8 fellow travelers, a captain and a cook. First, let me say that all of the folks I travelled with are still my close friends, and i expect them all to be for many years to come. There’s something about sharing these experiences each day, and getting to know each other in a way that’s impossible in normal daily interactions.

Talking about people, you’ll get to know your captain and cook just as well. On each trip our cook was always the life of the party, and made incredible dishes for us each day. She learned our likes and dislikes, and made her trips into each village to find the freshest and most interesting traditional Greek dishes for us. The captain had 30 years of experience sailing these waters, and was the steady “hand at the helm”. He advised us which islands to visit, and showed us so many out-of-the-way spots most tourists never get a chance to see.

Our “boat” was a catamaran with 5 sleeping births, a kitchen / dining area, an outdoor deck, and a sun deck in the front! Steps made it easy to snorkel in the warm waters or to explore each islands trails and architectural ruins.

Which brings me to the reason for our voyage – exploring the Greek Islands on our own. We met with our captain on day one to plan a course. We set our priorities and asked his advice. Some wanted to head to Santorini. Others wanted to visit Mykonos. Each day we’d sail 2 or so hours to the next island. During the day we’d explore. Late afternoon we’d sail into that island’s port for some incredible vistas, people, restaurants, and fun! Each day brought more and different unique experiences.

Of the travelers I’ve taken this trip with so far, not a single one hasn’t used the phrase “the trip of a lifetime”. Come join us summer 2020.